JIRS-EC-500-Digital Conductivity sensor

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The digital conductivity sensor has glassy platinum electrode. Instrument measurement principle is to put two discs in the sample solution (electrical conductivity patch), by adding a voltage in the two discs, the current can be measured. In general, the voltage is in sine wave form. The conductivity is determined by the ohmic formula based on the voltage and current values.
It is widely used in such fields as sewage plants, water works, water supply stations, surface water, aquaculture and other industries for conductivity monitoring.

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Specification Details
Size Diameter 30mm*Length195mm
Weight 0.2KG
Main Material Black polypropylene cover, glassy platinum electrode
Waterproof Grade IP68/NEMA6P
Measuring Range 10-2,000 μs/cm
Measurement Accuracy ±1.5%(FS)
Pressure Range ≤0.6Mpa
Measuring Temperature Range 0 ~ 80 ℃
Response Time Less than 10 seconds (reaching to endpoint 95%) (After stirring)
Length of Cable Standard cable length is 6 meters, which is extendable.
Warranty One year
External Dimension:

JIRS-EC-500-Digital Conductivity sensor-1

Table 1  Sensor Technical Specifications

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