PH, ORP sensor GP-400G

Short Description:

1. Easy to use and don’t need to refill electrolyte.
2. Gel electrolyte salt bridge can effectively prevent electrode poisoning.
3. Adopt anti-pillution Ceramic sand core diaphragm, not easy to be blocked and work long term.
4. Adopt low impedance sensitive glass membrane, has quick response, good thermal stability features.

Product Detail

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 Main Technique Specifciation
Measuring range 0-14PH
Body main material High temperature glass
Temp. range 0-100℃
Wetted material High temperature glass Cover
Pressure range 0-0.4mPa
Ceramic sand core
Accuracy ±0.1 pH Special glass sensitive membrane
Equipotential point 7±0.5PH Gel electrolyte salt bridge.
Slop ≧95 % Connect dimension Pg 13.5 thread
Driftance ≦0.02PH/24hour Flow rate Not more than 3m/s
Reference Resistance ≦500 Mohm(25℃) Response time 5sec
Cable join way Pin or BNC connector Installation way Plug-in 

Widly used for measuring PH in Enviromental Protection,  waste water treatment,chemical process etc. 

GP- 400G High temp. PH Sensor
Glass body PH Combined Sensor


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