ROS-2210 RO Program online controller

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Character & Application
Conductivity + Temperature Reverse osmosis process controller
The typical operation modes of various medium and small reverse osmosis systems, adopts high-performance single chip microcomputer technology to monitor RO system operation, status control and water online conductivity.
The control panel visually displays the operation status of the system by visual flow chart with LED indication lamp embedded.
Open operating menu, allow the user to set the washing time of membrane,spacing to meet the user’s different requirements.
Fault alarm and control output instruction function.

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Main Technique Specifications

Function Model ROS-2210
RO collecting point No water protection, low pressure protection, high pressure protection, pure water tank high level protection, exterior operation, reset.
RO controlling point Inlet water valve, flush valve,raw water pump, high pressure pump, conductivity over limit discharge valve
Measurement Range Source water: Conductivity : 0~4000μS/cm,
Produced water: 0-2000uS/cm
Temperature: 0~50℃
Resolution ratio Conductivity  0.1μS/cm, Temperature  0.1℃
Accuracy Conductivity ≤1.5%, Temperature ≤0.5℃
Temperature compensation Automatic digital compensation with 25℃ as reference temperature
Working environment Ambient Temp. 0~50℃, Relative Humidity ≤85%
Electrode 1.0cm-1 electrode, with 5m Length cable
Electric control ON single contact relay, dry contact (on power) inside output
Flush way High pressure flush, low pressure flush
Display 3 1/2 digits red LED digital display
Contact capacity AC 250V/3A Max;AC 115V/10A Max(Resistance load)
Power AC 220V+/-15%  50Hz
Dimensions 96×96×130mm (H X W X D)
Hole size 92×92mm (H X W)(Embeded)
Conductivity sensor1
ROS-2210 RO controller
ROS-2210 RO controller2

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