Online Conductivity / TDS / Resistivity controller EC, TDS-6850

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Measure Conductivity/TDS/Resistivity and Temperature

High/low limit relay control output , 4-20mAcurrent output,digital Modbus RS485 communication output (Optional)

High/low limit alarm light, double relay, alarm delay could be set

Instrument mode isolated transmitting port, max circle resistance up to 750Ω

PID control to actuate and control powered variable value through 4-20 mA output (optional)

Back light of LCD could select power saving mode, timing automatic off, brightness adjust

Conductivity constant input directly function or to calibrate probe constant as per known calibration solution’s conductivity value

High performance CPU, good electromagnetic compatibility

MOV and AC input be fused function

ESD over voltage protection is available

Password management avoid non-professional person to operate

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Main Technique Specifications

 Function Model EC/TDS/RM-6850 Conductivity /TDS /Resistivity controller
Measuring Range Conductivity:0-200uS ( 0.1sensor),0-20, 000uS(1.0 sensor),0-200mS (10.0 sensor)TDS:0-100ppm(0.1 sensor),0-10,000ppm(1.0 sensor)Resistivity:0-18.25MΩ·cm  (0.01 sensor)0-18250KΩ·cm  (0.01 sensor)
Accuracy + 1.5% (FS)
Temp. Comp. 0~120 ℃, Automatic, PT1000
Sensor constant: 0.01, 0.1, 1.0, 10.0 cm-1
Sensor connection: 1/2”NPT (standard), 3/4”NPT(optional), Flanged (optional)
Sensor cable length 5m or as per request
Display 128 * 64 dot matrix LCD
Current output signal Isolated, Transferable 4-20mA signal output,max circle resistance 750Ω 
Control output signal High/Low Limit relay control output, (3A/250 V AC)
Communication signal Modbus RTU RS485 (optional)
Power AC 220V ±10%, 50Hz (Standard)AC110V ±10%, 50Hz (Optional)AC/DC 24V(optional) 
Working temperature. 0~60℃,0~100℃ (Match high temp. Sensor)
Working pressure: 0~0.5MPa
Protection grade: IP 65
Working environment Ambient Temp. 0~60℃, Relative Humidity ≤95%
Overall dimensions 96×96×127mm(high×width×depth)
Hole dimensions 92×92mm(height×width)
Installation Mode Panel Mounted(Embeded)

Widely used for electronic, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, electromechanical, drinking water, cooling tower, boiler plant and other industries for online conductivity, resistivity controller.

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