Ph/orp-600 Online Ph/orp Meter With Sensor

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PH/ORP- 600 PH/ORP Meter
Character & Application:
Industrial online PH/ORP Monitoring and controlling instrument.
Three-point calibration function, automatic identification of calibration liquid and the error calibration
High input impedance, the adaptation of various types of PH /ORP electrode
The upper limit and low limit alarm relay control output functions, alarm return difference setup by keyboard, to form automatic closed-loop control system is more flexible and convenient.
Modbus RTU RS485 output
Widely used for water treatment, environmental protection, Industrial waste water, chemical process detection and control of PH value.

Main Technique Specifications



PH/ORP-600 - Single channel PH or ORP Meter


0.00~14.00pH, ORP:-1200~+1200 mV


pH:±0.1 pH , ORP:±2mV

Temp. Comp.

0–100 ℃, manual / automatic

 ( PT1000 , NTC 10k, RTD )

Operation Temp.

0~60℃(normal) , 0~100℃(optional)


The composite electrode (Sewage, Pure water)


4.00;6.86;9.18 Three Calibration


LCD display 

Current output signal

Isolation,Reversible Transferable 4-20mA signal output,

max circle resistance 750Ω

Control output signal

High and low limit alarm contact each group(3A/250 V AC)

Communication signal

Modbus RS485, baud rate: 2400, 4800, 9600 (Optional)

Power supply

AC 110/220V±10%, 50/60Hz

Working environment

Ambient Temp. 0~50℃, Relative Humidity ≤85%

Overall dimensions

48×96×100mm (H X W X D)

Hole dimensions

45×92mm (H X W)

Ph-orp-600 Online Ph-orp Meter With Sensor4
Ph-orp-600 Online Ph-orp Meter With Sensor5

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